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international meetings butoh dance and acousmatic music

For this 3rd meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music a new form takes place, a practice from which musical works composed for concert allows them to be seen.

For the dancer, to take his place beside a composer partner unknown amongst a selection, without never abandon what is make the cause of his dance, is a challenge imposed to his imaginary.

In the process of solo creation, appears an unexpected complicity, the understanding of the universe of each other. Each of us creates his world, interprets himself - this is a space-time which open between a dancer and a composer where "the sound reveal the flesh, and the flesh sublimate the sound".

The body of the butoh dancer dressed by his memories and vestiges, upkeep a strong relation with the demultiplicated power of the sounds who crosses the acousmonium. This strange and charming forest inhabited by loud-speakers is an hybrid, as the dancer who try to find on him the fossilised traces of vegetables and minerals abandoned by the nature on his body.

Numerous artists from all the world (11 countries) have been concerned by these uniques meetings between two artistic practices."These two freedoms which encounters each other" and their talents will invigorates the 18 creations which will be presented this autumn.

This festival is a world crossed by the impressive presence of Masaki Iwana, Moeno Wakamatsu and Juju Alishina, the 'masters' coming from Japan, by the pionneers as Sylvia Hanff on Poland and the young succession as Tamara Pitzer from Germany, Dominique Starck, Alyona Ageeva from Russia, Marek Jason Isleib from Italy and Marlène Jöbstl from Spain.

This caravansery of emotions and perceptions will live on musical universes as various as which of David Fenech, of Pierre Boeswillwald pionneer of electro-acoustic having worked with Pierre Schaeffer, of Vincent Laubeuf the Motus director; on the tortuous universe of Alexandre Bellenger, on the minimalist sounds of Nicolas Marty ... and so many others.

At least this year, thanks to the space of Le Cube we will propose three butoh worshops animated by Elizabeth Damour, Maite Soler and Sylvia Hanff : to have more informations.

The festival is a curious mixing of wishes, profusing ideas and generosity :

The Cube teams fully engaged on the sucess of this project provides without restriction their know-how, their professionalism and kindness to give us access to this wonderful space.
Motus gives their ‘acousmonium’ and will be the interpreter of all musical pieces.
And the AEA association, involved during all the year for this project.

The festival exist on the basis of voluntary work with no external financial help : Don't hesitate to help us by a donation.

These three days will be successful thanks to you, the audience, because you will be there, unfailing, on your desire to experiment new worlds.

Rendez-vous from the 26th to the 28th of October 17 in Le Cube !

Elizabeth Damour

Yumi Fujitami: photo Fabrice Pairault