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SESSION 1 - 6th of October 20h00
Kami (15mn)
José-André Deutsch
Frédéric Rebiere
Chair (18mn)
Alexandre Bellenger
Marek Jason Isleib (Italy)
Souffles de verre (21mn)
CeSYum (Denis Royer / Nicolas Darien)
Gaëtan Sataghen
PAUSE: 15mn
Cosmodragon (création, 30mn)
Gilles Monfort
(commande AEA)
Solène De Cock
Ukiyo (20mn)
Frédéric Kahn
Juju Alishina (Japan)
SESSION 2 - 7th of October 16h30
Tellus (18mn)
Soizic Lebrat
Tudi Deligne
Astre de la Gorge (20mn)
Julie Mondor
Rosana Barra (Spain)
XNS 25899 Project (18mn)
Janusz Brudniewicz / Dev Lotro
Jutta Mayer (Austria)
Des Mondes (25mn)
Biétrix Schenk
Emmanuel Borgo
PAUSE: 1h20
SESSION 3 - 7th of October 20h00
Saphir, Sillons, Silences (18mn)
Christian Zanési
Simona Orinska (Latvia)
Densités et Intensités (21mn)
Christophe Aslanian
Denis Sanglard
Corsonor (26mn)
Phil Von (commande AEA)
Sakurako (Lithuania)
PAUSE: 15mn
Pollution (17mn)
Maurizio Chiantone (Italy)
Rasjid Cesar (Uruguay)
Le Poisson Chat (21mn)
Paul Ramage
Yumi Fujitani (Japan)
SESSION 4 - 8th of October 16h30
Predator 06430944 (21mn)
David Block (England)
Corinna Torregiani (Italy)
Baras (30mn)
Frédéric Mathevet
Hélène Barrier
La plus que Lente, la plus que Piano (16mn)
Tomonari Higaki (Japan)
Laura Oriol
Diptyque n°1 pour piano virtuel (30 mn)
Michel Titin-Schnaider
Masaki Iwana (Japan)
PAUSE: 1h10
SESSION 5 - 8th of October 20h00
Out of the Cages (19mn)
Dante Tanzi (Italy)
Lorna Lawrie (Argentina)
Embryon (21mn)
René-Baptist Huysmans
Mohamed Aroussi
Le grondement de l'écaille (création, 30mn)
Luc Larmor
Tina Besnard
PAUSE: 15mn
Au gré du souffle, le son s'envole (25mn)
Bernard Parmegiani
Moeno Wakamatsu (Japan)

Juju Alishina

Choreographer, Butoh Dancer: Trained Born in Kobe (Japon) and trained in traditional Japanese dance, Juju Alishina has worked in Butoh in the Byakkosha Company since 1982. In 1990, She founded her own company 'NUBA' in Tokyo. In 1998, she moved to Paris, where she developed her own teaching of traditional and contemporary dance. The choreography Juju Alishina, built around the character of Asian dance, today appeals to other disciplines. Juju Alishina is regarded worldwide as one of the leading figures amongst active Butoh dancers. Her method of dance, 'Butoh Dance Training – Secrets of Japanese Dance through the Alishina method' was published in Japan in 2010, and is now translated and published in France, Canada, Australia, the UK and the USA.
Web site of Juju Alishina
Mohamed Aroussi

Présent au cinéma et sur scène depuis plus de 20 ans Mohamed Aroussi dit Moh s'initie à la danse Buto en 2000 avec Masaki Iwana, qui le dirigera dans le film « Vermilion souls ». A la fois interprète pour Valeria Apicella, Alessandro Ramos, Emma Schialfa ou Christian benedetti, Pascal N'zonzi et Fredéric de Rougemont Il chorégraphie et met en lumière ses propres pièces: soZema, La jeune fille et la mort, Born polluted... Au sein du collectif Pétahertz, Il s'intéresse aux arts numériques et réalise plusieurs performances avec capteurs photosensibles. Sa danse nourrie et questionne ses créations lumières et ses différents rôles au cinéma tels que Hekel (Fièvres de Hicham Ayouch) ou Carabas (Histoire de Judas de Rabbah Ameur-Zaïmech). Embryon est la trace de la rencontre de deux explorateurs de l'espace et du temps.
Christophe Aslanian

My work finds its groove by being constantly on the move, traveling in a precarious and ethical movement.
Browsing the globalized world as we navigate the network, I pass midrange medium, transposing techniques, forms and languages -visual or sound - into each other in order to create links with other artists or other cultures.
This desire for communication between different origins and backgrounds is the main vector of my work, focusing on conceptual and visual research about what may be similar between two different things.
Rosana Barra

Ballerina, choreographer, actress, teacher, and cultural manager, goes twenty years practising in different areas of the scenic arts. From 1993 she devotes herself to the study and investigation of the dance - theatre butoh. In 1996 the company of dance founds theatre Cuerpo Transitorio, in 1997 a cultural association, and from 2008 up to 2014 Barcelona organizes in Butoh festival.
Web site of the festival Barcelona'n butoh
Web site of Rosana Barra
Hélène Barrier

Hélène BARRIER is a visual artist and dancer. She creates worlds in which she joined the dance: she creates landscapes to dance , she dances in her imaginary landscapes. Her works are strongly inspired by nature and in particular animal architectures nests , cocoons , webs, networks ... and dance permits to slip in all subjects, in all skin types, and in different places , adapt her dance to the environment. Exploring new materials , new places and new sounds allows her to enrich her dance and to open new prospects tangible and plastics ; She enjoys working with musicians , video artists , singers , to question the possibilities of extension of the body , spaces to carve, to take her dancing in shifting locations.
Site d'Hélène Barrier
Alexandre Bellenger

Alexandre Bellenger was born in Créteil, France in 1975. He lives and works near Paris. He is alltogether at ease as a turntables player, a guitarist, a stop motion video maker or making artworks that mix collage, drawing and painting. In 1998, he created the art fanzine called MY PRECIOUS TRASH. He is a usual collaborator of the italian socks brand OYBŌ since 2015. He has also had the chance, since 2000, to play on stage or to record with recognised musicians such as Noël Akchoté, Oliver Augst, Jac Berrocal, Rüdiger Carl, Chris Corsano, Yoshihide Otomo, Jean-François Pauvros or Roger Turner. He has founded in 2001 the label A.R.R. which has today become a digital platform on which it is possible to listen to his music works.
Tina Besnard

Danseuse butô. Tina Besnard s'est formée au theâtre à l'école Nationale des Arts du Cirque à Chalons en Champagne auprès de professeurs issus de l'école Lecocq (Pierre Byland, André Riot-Sarcey...)Elle s'est d'abord tournée vers la danse classique au Ballet theâtre de Nancy puis vers la danse jazz auprès de Rick Odums et enfin vers la danse orientale (kamelia, Saida Nait Bouda) ; elle a été conteuse auprès d'un public adulte.Elle pratique la dance experimentale aurprès de Laina Fichbeck et s'initie au Butô avec Sumako Koseki ; elle continue son expérimentation auprès de Yumiko Yoshioka en Allemagne, Masaki Iwana, Gyohei Zaitzu, Yuri Nagaoka au Japon.Elle crée la compagnie Onitcha en 2008 et depuis lors multiplie ses propres solos et performances dans les lieux les plus divers .Elle s'attache à un butô fort, intériorisé, en résonance avec les mythes, les rêves et l'environnement social.
Web site of Tina Besnard
David Block

David Block began his musical career performing with post-punk groups in English clubs and bars. In 1996 he moved to Paris where he began composing music for Butô dance. He collaborates regularly with Butô dancers such as Juju Alishina or Dan'Ys and has recently composed soundtracks for the video productions of contemporary artist Silvère Jarrosson. His work is a sound sculpture foregrounding the concrete and structural aspects of sound. His compositions are adapted to each particular piece and always created in collaboration with dancers and choreographer. The music is not an isolated element but a constituent of a whole, it is conceived and evolves alongside the movements of the dancers and in coherence with the space of the dance.
"Sound is transmitted via the vibrations of air molecules. The role of my music is to make these molecules dance in correspondence with the dancers. The materiality of the bodies fuses with the immateriality of the ambient space, giving rise to a rational whole. A plastic artist creates an installation which is both adapted for adapts to a particular space, a particular atmosphere. Likewise, a musician accompanying dancers intervenes in the ambiance of the space of the dance, fusing space and movement into a cohesion".
Web site of David Block
Emmanuel Borgo

Emmanuel Borgo begins contemporary dance at 7 years. At 18 he is attracted by the circus (acrobatics juggling, acrobatics, fire). He meets Bietrix Schenk in 1996 and joined his company in 1998 (under the bark ago the sea, Way, Blue Beard, Feet In The Night). His meeting with Bietrix is ​​determining, Emmanuel decides to move towards more Buto dance, he studies with Sumako Koseki, Masaki Iwana, Yoko Higashi, Carlota Ikeda and Yuko Kobayashi. Then he dances solo (The pig is hiding under the white dress; Primitive Eucharist ; To show ; gasping for breath). Emmanuel Borgo also is contemporary dancer and street theater artist. He has worked for dance companies : Collectif Ishtar; Cie Arts Works ; Cie Passaros ; Cie Atou ; Cie Corps has come ; Lyon Opera House ; Willy Dorner Cie ; Cie between the (theater) ... And for street theater companies: The Elves Refractories ; Zanka ; Miss Sequin ; Fay; Remu household ...
Janusz Brudniewicz & Dev Lotro

Janusz Brudniewicz: interdisciplinary artist, he is an instinctive composer : he highlights the raw and sharp sound, without embellishment and without superimposed story. He takes care over the writing, in its slow, inexorable temporal development, in its composition, in an almost algorithmic evolution. He develops a process of organic evolution, facing the brute materiality of sound tissue, which, paradoxically, gives it its "flesh" and a sort of corporeality.

Dev Lotro: poet, vocalist, performer, he has a background both classical (opera) and contemporary (Roy Hart and technical Grotowsky). He also practiced contemporary dance some time. He participated in the contemporary opera by Marc Monnet, and he developed storytelling performances and poetry, in which he explores the possibilities of audio and textual improvisation.
Soundcloud page of Janusz Brudniewicz

CeSYum was born from the encounter between improvised music and electro. Serving noise, sound, CeSYum offers organic and instinctive experimental music but also a new balance between composition and improvisation.
Nicolas DARIEN (keyboards, MAO) studied classical piano and conducted various projects as an author, composer and performer.
Denis Royer (guitar) studied at the Music Information Centre (CIM) in Paris and created for theater, french song, street show.
Web site of CeSYum
Rasjid Cesar

Rasjid Cesar was formed in butoh dance for five years with Rhea Volij and has taken seminars with Katsura Kan, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Ko Murobushi, Tadashi Endo, Yumiko Yoshioka and Semimaru (Sankai Juku). He has presented his butoh solos in Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, France and Austria. He has participated in two plays directed by Katsura Kan and they toured together for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. He has produced to Ko Murobushi (Teatro Solis), Minako Seki- Yuko Kaseki and Rhea Volij (2003-2007. From 1987 to 1993 he worked mime, clown, actor and theater director. He has linked art to social projects from 1987 to the present. Creator of "Art and sensitization" program where he worked 8 years in prisons for women with children. He has also taught and directed plays with people with special needs. The Procurator’s Penitentiary Office of the Nation Argentina published his book "Inside" about his work in Argentine federal prisons with women prisoners with young children. He taught his program in UNSAM (National University of San Martin) for the career of educational psychology.
Maurizio Chiantone

Born in Naples, he began his artistic career in the 70s. In the '80s founds On Raku, research laboratory on languages and sounds in which are experimented structures and new ways of creation concerning the relationship between human, media and technology. It grows a constant focus to the possibility of combination of the code, including the distinctive and transversal elements which it is composed and the potential dynamic and creative in the realization of an event. The research areas are directed more and more to that of the visual and sound art. Begins a careful study on the relationships between phonemes, signs, perception and environment in a holistic way and minimalist. Graduate in double bass at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella in Naples, participated in numerous concerts as a musician. Its versatility allows him to range among cultural and stylistic contexts ranging from jazz to contemporary, from serial music to world music, from classical to electronics, to the acousmatic up to pure experimentation. Works on multiple levels of interest: compositional, designing and educational as grow up collaborations of thought and doing shared with painters, photographers, architects, sculptors, designers, poets, actors, choreographers, creative. Many collaborations and events related to the investigation in the visual field and in the sound experimentation. Events and video installations have been presented to: Studio Morra Gallery - Naples :: Faculty of Education Sciences - University of Florence :: PAN - Palace of Arts - Naples :: International Festival Suoni di Terra - Sant’Agata de’ Goti :: Art Fair Artissima 13 - Turin :: Mustilli Wineries - Sant’Agata de’ Goti :: Polytechnic Faculty - University of Naples :: Institut Française de Grenoble - Naples :: Festival Internationaux de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques - Bourges :: Global Village - Rome :: Tuscany of Cultures - Arcidosso/Florence :: Biennial Theatre - Venice :: SanctionedArray/ SpecifyOthers - New York :: White Box - New York :: MADRE Museum - Naples :: Grimbsy Festival/Lightworks - United Kingdom :: Elmur.net :: Pantocrator Gallery - Shanghai
Site web Maurizio Chiantone
Solène De Cock

Dancer. My diverse physical, vocal and graphic experiments, and researches around shamanism, are leading me to the practice of butoh. I studied mainly under the guidance of Gyohei Zaitsu, and also with Ima Tenko, Masaki Iwana, Atsushi Takenouchi, Moeno Wakamatsu and Natsu Nakajima. I've been performing two choreographies of Gyohei Zaitsu: "Today is the first and the last day of the world" (2013), "Never Done Nothing" (2014). My solo work take the name of Shen Nü Butō (神女 舞踏). Beside numerous improvised performances, I created two pieces with composer Gilles Monfort and dress designer Fukuko Ando: "Satya" (2012) et "Quetzalcóatl" (2014). I also created the duet "Pierrot désuet" (2016) with Gilles Monfort. I wish to offer this sensitive body as a bouquet.
Site de Solène De Cock
Yumi Fujitani

Danseuse Butô, chorégraphe et pédagogue, Yumi Fujitani est née au Japon en 1962. Son premier spectacle en France est le spectacle de Ko Murobshi et Carlotta Ikeda "Himé" avec la compagnie Ariadone en 1985. Elle travaille jusqu'au 1995 avec cette compagnie et s'installe à Paris en 1996. Danseuse butô de la génération des année 80, elle développe sur cet art une réflexion et une approche personnelle. Elle expérimente de nouvelles formes d'expressions corporelles, à travers la danse contemporaine, la voix , l'art du clown, les arts plastiques et la vidéo. Improvisatrice, la transversalité des arts lui apporte un souffle et un regard minimaliste, fantaisiste, antinomique sur l'art du spectacle. Elle enseigne régulièrement à Paris.
Tudi Deligne

Tudi Deligne est plasticien, dessinateur, mais aussi danseur, et enfin parfois capoeiriste, quand il lui arrive d'être saisi par la vibration d'un berimbau. Il est diplômé de l'Ecole Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. Il découvre la danse en 2008. Dés lors le buto et les nombreux danseurs qu'il a la chance de rencontrer bouleversent complètement son appréhension des mediums artistiques qu'il s'est choisi. A la fois en tant que spectateur et en tant qu'auteur. Il étudie notamment auprès de Moeno Wakamatsu, de Masaki Iwana, et plus récemment de Katsura Kan.
Web site of Tudi Deligne (drawings)
José-André Deutsch

I studied classical music (instrument, writing). Then I took the outstanding GRM course whose teachers were Jacques Lejeune and Philippe Mion. This course was a revelation. To try to prolong it I went to the Paris Conservatory. I built three little composition studios, one of them, the Studio Magellan, with Régis Renouard-Larivière.
In the same time, interested by other musics, I followed Nidaa Abou Mrad in his projects and we founded the CEMUDAMM (center for studies in musics and dances of the Maghreb and the Mashreq) and the Centre de Musique Médiévale de Paris (medieval music center in Paris) whose scientific director was Marie-Noëlle Colette.
I was very interested in vocal music. I first directed the amateur ensemble Les Meslanges Baroques. Then I founded the vocal quartet for contemporary music Labyrinthus Noctis with Brigitte Lesne, Isabelle Brisard, Nadine Rémy and Alain Génuys.
I enjoyed the pleasure of teaching at the Paris VIII university, thanks to Francis Bayer who has been my teacher and to whom I am very indebted.
Then I did very different things in faraway lands...
I now come back to my first love: to compose with the world's sounds...
Tomonari Higaki

Tomonari HIGAKI was born in 1974 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He is a composer, professor, researcher, acousmatic music performer and PhD (design). He composes a variety of works: Instrumental, vocal, fixed medium(tape music, concrete/acousmatic music, radio work, etc.), installation and mixed works(combination of instruments and fixed audio media). His works have been performed in many international festivals and concerts, mainly Multiphonies by Ina-GRM(2006, 2011, 2013), Festival Futura(since 2003 every year), Sound Horizons: A 40-Speaker Music Festival by Harvard university(2015), Raum Musik(University of Cologne, 2015), L'espace du son(Brussels, 2014), Tomonari Higaki Portrait Concert(Kyoto, 2016), Imatoronic by ZKM(Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, 2012), Seto international Art Festival(2010, 2013) etc. and in many countries, mainly in France as well as in Germany, U.S.A., Belgium, Japan, Italy, China, Israe, Korea, etc; broadcasted on the radio from the stations such as France Culture, France Musique and the WDR3(in Germany); selected by the biennial contest of the Muse en Circuit(2002), 2nd Composition Encounters in Cergy Pontoise(2003), 31st Electroacoustic Music Contest of the Imeb in Bourges(2004), and 18th Japan Media Arts Festival(2014). The Union for Young Asian Composers Contest honored him with the finalist(2004). He composed several works by the commission of Ina-GRM, Motus, Syntax, Teion Duo, TriO+, Aki TAKAHASHI, Hiroaki OOI, Koji KAWASAKI, etc. He has 2 solo albums: Mahoroba(Motus, 2011), Prisonière(enginebooks/enginemusic, 2015)
Web site of Tomonari Higaki
René-Baptist Huysmans

Originally trained as an ethnolinguist, René Baptist Huysmans (1969 -) is a self-taught composer of Musique concrète who lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. Motivated by the composer Luiz Henrique Yudo and inspired by the availability of musical software and internet platforms such as SoundCloud, he started to compose electro-acoustic music as of 2011. Since 2013 his work has been released by the Greek internet label Etched Traumas and the Dutch underground label Motok. As of 2013, he started together with the organist and composer Michael Bonaventure a series of works for organ and electronics. His works have been performed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
Site de René Baptist Huysmans
Marek Jason Isleib

I've been a mime, a professional classical, contemporary and improvising dancer in Germany, The Netherlands and Italy (learning many forms of movement, besides Yoga, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais, on the way).
-In 2000 I began to explore Butoh- Working with Hisako Horikawa, Katsura Kan and other masters i started liberating myself from accumulated forms. I practice and live Butoh. I live to communicate, to inspire, to share (perform) and to accompany ('teach') in the field of Butoh. My everyday practice is to perceive the world in and around me always anew. To live/dance what is unknown to me yet. To provide appearance to something that neither myself nor others have perceived beforehand. I lead classes of Butoh in my studio (Area Pega) in Milan (Italy) since 2012.
Web site of Marek Jason Isleib
Masaki Iwana

Aujoud’hui l’un des danseurs buto les plus appréciés du Japon, il a créé et présenté plus de 500 performances solo qui l’ont amené à sa produire dans le monde entier (Tokyo, New York, Paris, Londres, Rome, Athènes, etc...100 villes dans 40 pays).Il a aussi réalisé son premier film long métrage « Vermilion Souls » en 2008, 2ème « Famille d’été » en 2010 et maintenant son 3ème film “La Princesse Trahison”.Il reste l’un des très rares à être demeuré fidèle à l’esprit originel de cette forme de danse, à en avoir gardé la force et la pureté subversive et à en perpétuer l’âme profonde.Masaki Iwana va à l’essentiel parce qu’il ne fait aucune concession au regard extérieur :il nous amène à quitter notre position de voyeur-consommateur et nous entraîne dans un au-delà de la représentation, dans son paysage intérieur.
Site de Masaki Iwana
Frédéric Kahn

Après des études de composition avec Denis Dufour et Gilbert Amy, au CRR et au CNSMD de Lyon, Frédéric Kahn complète sa formation lors de sessions de composition aupres de Brian Ferneyhough et Johannes Schollhorn – a la Fondation Royaumont en 1999 –, de Pascal Dusapin et Georges Aperghis – au Centre Acanthes en 1994 – et de Kaija Saariaho et Salvatore Sciarrino a l'Académied'été de l'Ircam en 1993 et 1999. En 2000, il suit le Cursus de composition et d'informatique musicale de l'Ircam, ou il reçoit notamment les enseignements de Philippe Hurel, Brian Ferneyhough et Philippe Manoury, qui se clot avec la création de Pendant la matiere ou l'espace furieux pour tuba et électronique, dans le cadre du festival Agora 2002. En 2003, il recoit sa premiere commande d'Etat pour Sterblich (Mortelle) ou le purgatoire des sens, créée a la maison de Radio France. En 2008, Abstructures/Les instants d'ambiguités (Cycle "Les écrans sonores ou les entrelacs du lointain et du proche" 2006-2008), est créée sous la nef du Grand Palais a Paris par Motus lors de la Monumenta durant laquelle le sculpteur américain Richard Serra présentait Promenade. En 2012, il reçoit une commande de l'IRCAM pour la réalisation de Unendlichkeit pour basson, support audio et électronique temps réel à l'intention de Paul Riveaux(création Centre Pompidou/ Solistes de l'Ensemble Intercontemporain) et réalise en collaboration avec Robert Cahen le dyptique L'oeil écoute, à chacun de voir puis d'entendre (Le Cercle - Voyage au-delà du temps et des sens) (cycle « Le temps est un songe») crée au Consortium - Centre d'Art Contemporain avec Motus lors du festival Ici L'Onde. En 2014, il reçoit une commande de Radio-France pour la réalisation de Dust memories pour petit ensemble et dispositif électronique (création Radio-France/ Solistes de l'Ensemble Itinéraire). Aussi, de 2012 à 2015, il réalise en collaboration avec la vidéaste Camille Béquié-Lorin Geneigte Schatten, un Hörspiel pour sons fixés et images. Actuellement, il travail de nouveau avec Robert Cahen sur une nouvelle oeuvre intitulée Augmenta pour piano préparé, électronique et scénographie/ images.
Depuis 2002, Frédéric Kahn enseigne l'informatique musicale a l'Université Lyon 2 - département de musicologie.
Luc Larmor

Self-taught musician, Luc Larmor places up the body at the center of his theoretical approach of listening and his sound practice (continuous sounds). He develops real-time feedback and distortion processes in the environment max/msp-jitter (with or without video support). Professor of art education at the EESAB school, he also teaches at the ENSAB since 2013. Artistic Director of GEPS from 2002 to 2009. He intervened in the ATN Master from 2004 to 2011 (arts department, University Rennes 2). He is a research associate member in the home team Arts: Practices and Poetics (EA 3208)
Web site of Luc Larmor
Lorna Lawrie

Butoh dancer, teacher and choreograph. Born in Argentine, living in France since 2006. She obtains Dramatic Arts Diploma at Cordoba University in 2002. Studying classical and contemporary dance techniques since early age, Lawrie has later developed Butoh as her main language for research and creation. She was part of the Argentinian Butoh Company LA BRIZNA directed by Rhea Volij –her first butoh master- during 6 years. She studied in Japan under masters such as Yoshito Ohno, Ishi Mitsutaka, Yukio Waguri; also in Germany with Tadashi Endo, Sumako Seki in France, etc. Living in Paris since 2006, Lorna has performed internationally at numerous festivals and gives Butoh workshops in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Venezuela and Argentina. In 2009, she created SEUIL Company with acousmatic compositor Michel Titin-Schnaider; this company gave regular performances in Paris and other countries during last six years. Same year she founded the project BUTOH OUVERT, which aims at developing Butoh research in Paris. In 2010 she graduated in Master Dance Research at Universty Paris VIII which theme was "Butoh and Francis Bacon's paintings". Actually living in the south of France, Lorna creates in constant contact with nature. She is still working in Paris as artistic director of "Tacuabé dance butoh", and developing new projects with companies in Marseille as well.
Soizic Lebrat

Après avoir suivi une formation de violoncelliste classique et d’historienne de la musique, Soizic Lebrat élargit ses pratiques d'interprète à celles d'improvisatrice, de compositrice et de chercheure en musique. Engagée dans une démarche expérimentale, elle mène des projets de créations qui remettent en jeu et en réflexion chacune de ces postures (Ope1000, Fabrique de musique, Bleu solo, Continuum). Elle affectionne par ailleurs les collaborations musicales et transdisciplinaires des plus occasionnelles aux plus régulières. Elle réalise également des pièces électroacoustiques pour la danse, le documentaire radiophonique, la vidéo et le théâtre.
Site de Soizic Lebrat
Frédéric Mathevet

Frédéric Mathevet se définit comme artiste sonore et plasticen. Il est chercheur associé à l'institut ACTE (UMR 8218) à Paris I (CNRS). Docteur es arts, il est co-rédacteur en chef de la revue en ligne L'Autre Musique et du laboratoire du même nom qui entremêle chercheurs et praticiens. Plasticien et poéticien ouvert à tout polymorphisme, à toute mutabilité, il se définit lui-même comme un «bricoleur» enchevêtrant les supports qu'ils soient numériques, picturaux ou sonores, comme le vecteur d'un langage plastique indocile, autrement dit qui « résiste à l'apprentissage des signes et remet sans arrêt l'arbitrarité et l'inégalité des signes qui construisent le réel ». Il a notamment publié deux manuels d'arts plastiques, dont le second numéro est consacré au cas particulier de la musique et a participé à de nombreuses expositions à Paris, Montreuil, Toulouse et Londres. Il y a donné plusieurs concerts multimédias dont Faire la peau 2 pour un bodhràn (Nice, Paris, Noisiel), Rec-u-Aime pour un violoncelle, une mezzo-soprano et une tricoteuse (La ferme du buisson), Mécaniques funambules pour saxophone baryton (Petit Bain, Divan du monde).
Site de L'Autre Musique
Jutta Mayer

Jutta Mayer has studied butoh dance and improvisation with several masters in France and in Japan, such as Yoshito Ohno, Ko Murobushi, Lorna Lawrie, Atsushi Takenouchi and Mushimaru Fujieda. She is member of the butoh dance group Tacuabé, presenting solo, duo and group performances in different locations and in public space.
Julie Mondor

As a cellist beeing trained in classical, I've also explored the contemporary music creations to be in contact with the composition and virgin territory. Then between 2003 and 2012 I've created collectively performances combining contemporary circus, music and dance as a composer and actress. Since «3 years, I'm participating in « le studio d’éléctroacoustique de pantin » directed by C.Groult and Marco Marini for acousmatic music composition. I develope a different way about spacialisation and réflexions about sound material in my compositions. My acousmatic composition « effractée » as been selected : for the festival « Futura » 2015 (FR) and in ICMC 2015. 1st International Computer Music Conference 2015. USA and "oracle suspendu" in Syntax festival.
Web site of Julie Mondor
Gilles Monfort

French composer, sound artist, field recordist, tubist, pianist and singer. I studied in conservatoires of Rennes and Boulogne-Billancourt, and in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle of Paris. More recently, I studied North Indian classical music (Sayeeduddin & Wasifuddin Dagar) and medieval counterpoint (Fondation Royaumont). Beside ten years of extensive worldwide touring with street theater companies as a tubist, I have worked as a composer, arranger, singer and multi-instrumentalist in diverse contexts: early, classical, indian classical, experimental music, jazz, rock, pop, movies, theater, clown, street theater, danse, butoh... My electroacoustic works show my inclination towards wildlife field recording and sensibility to non-Westernized traditional musics of the world.
Site de Gilles Monfort
Simona Orinska

Performing artist, choreographer, poet, dance movement therapist, founder of IDEAGNOSIS interdisciplinary arts company, creative director of specialization “Multimedia Performing Arts” in Business, Arts and Technology University RISEBA based in Riga, Latvia. Author of various multimedia, dance, creative writting and visual performance's projects. Special award from Latvian Ministry of Culture “For the Cultural Society Development”. My artistic statement in performing arts is focused on deep understanding of body - mind as well interdisciplinarity. I am turned to see dance and theatre as visual expression as my education is based on visual arts and design. As a performing artist I got very strong impression from butoh art, physical theatre as well Asian dance theatre techniques. My butoh teachers are Yohito Ohno, Yukio Waguri, Ko Murobushi and others. My attitude as choreographer, tutor and performing artist is shaped by my experience as dance movement therapist which allows to keep “therapist's eye” on individual or group processess in arts. The structure of my creative works is based on poetry language, time and space as I used to be a poet.
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Laura Oriol

Laura est une danseuse Butô et une performeuse. Après avoir passé 8 ans au États-Unis où elle à étudié le théâtre et la danse et où elle à découvert le Butô, elle est revenu s'installer à Paris il y a un an. Elle a commancé à danser le Butô avec Vangeline à New York puis à continuer sa pratique en étudiant avec Diego Pinon, Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Suzuki, Katsura Kan, Kat McMillan et plus récement Gyohei Zaitsu et Maki Watanabe. Elle réalise des solos dans des lieux divers et récement a commencé à enseigner le Butô au sein d'une collaboration sur un projet artistique avec des réfugiés Syriens.
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Bernard Parmegiani

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Paul Ramage

Paul Ramage est violoniste, improvisateur et compositeur. Il commence son apprentissage musical à dix ans par le violon. Apres une rencontre avec Didier Lockwood (dont il intègrera l’école en 2003), il s’intéresse au jazz et aux musiques improvisées. Parallèlement il poursuit ses études de violon classique au CRR de Cergy Pontoise dans les classes d’Aude Lefevre et Franck Delavalle et de musique de chambre de François Poly. Il obtient un D.E.M de jazz et de violon. En 2013 il obtention son D.E.M de composition élèctroacoustique au conservatoire de Paris, dans les classes de Denis Dufour et Jonathan Prager. En 2012 et 2013, il suit les stages d'interprétation acousmatique Futura avec Jonathan Prager, Tomonari Higaki et Olivier Lamarche. Compositeur d’une vingtaine d’opus, tant acousmatiques que mixtes ou instrumental, il a joué et été joué dans divers pays (France, Espagne, Italie, Portugal, Japon, Etats Unis, Chine...). Il est lauréat du prix Métamorphose (Musique et recherche) et titulaire du diplôme d’état (D.E) de professeur de musique et enseigne la création sonore au conservatoire de Châtenay Malabry. Aujourd’hui membre d’Alcôme(Compagnie de création et de diffusion de musique contemporaine) il s’emploi à faire vivre la création sur tous ses versants.
Frédéric Rebiere

Since I graduated from a school of fine arts, I’ve been involved in performances in which the body, either suffering under compulsion or blossoming in sweetness, is essential. I’ve led a reflection about the body in relation to social norms. For 15 years, I’ve been working as a comedian among different theater companies. Always eager to learn and experience new techniques, I’ve attended different trainings in dancing, singing and circus arts. In 2006, I met Japanese dancer Gyhoei Zaitsu and discovered Butoh dance. This meeting marked a turning point in my career as a comedian. It brought a new approach to performing techniques, mixing rhythm and expression with my aesthetic ideals and intentions. My ambition is to develop a new kind of performance art on stage that conveys a poetic language through body movement. Site de Frédéric Rebiere

Sakurako is a conceptual-visual artist, performer and choreographer working worldwide and mostly in situ. Currently she is a long-term artist in residency at the Château Éphémère (Paris) working solo and leading a dance-theatre company “Re-United Now-Here” as an artistic director and choreographer. Although Sakurako was trained as a conceptual & visual artist, she also has been practicing martial arts and various dance and movement techniques after the graduation from the Fine Arts (Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam) in 2008. She studies a contemporary Japanese dance butoh with various masters around Europe and Japan.
Besides conceptual works, site-specific installations, sculpture, photography and video works, since 2011 Sakurako creates live performances using butoh techniques and balancing on the edge between performance art, theatre and dance. The works are conceptual with strong visual elements where the main focus is on presence and the authenticity of movements and gestures. The human condition is the main subject matter of her works as an ongoing investigation of the body/mind/spirit phenomena.
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Denis Sanglard

Denis Sanglard, né en 1964, est comédien et danseur butô. C’est par le théâtre qu’il vient à la danse. En 1998 pour « L’Apprentissage » de Jean-Luc Lagarce mise en scène de Michel Alban, il demande à Léone Cats-Baril, danseuse butô et chorégraphe, de se joindre au projet. Il rejoint son atelier et depuis travaille régulièrement avec elle. Il intègre « les Evadés », collectif de danseurs butô dont les performances interrogent des espaces non dédiés à la danse. Il rencontre Yoshito Ohno, danse avec Pé Vermescht, et suit divers stages suivis de performances avec d’autres danseurs non apparentés au butô, Boris Charmatz, DV8, Toméo Verges. Il approfondit le travail de l’improvisation avec Patricia Kuypers. Avec Mark Tompkins et Gilles Toutevoix il travaille sur la vidéo/danse. Et analyse la construction d’une performance avec Robyn Orlin. En 2012 il crée avec Hélène Barrier « Amour Déchu », duo dansé au musée de la dentelle de Coudray puis en hommage à Carlotta Ikéda à la Galerie Dorothy à Paris. En 2013 est créé à Paris puis Berlin SADE6412, solo sur le sadomasochisme, interrogation sur l’obscène. Depuis 2012 avec Eric D. vidéo-jockey et vidéaste ils tournent des clips d’une minute, retravaillés à la palette graphique, destinés au clubbing (techno ou rave party) et mixés en direct.
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Gaëtan Sataghen

Gaëtan Sataghen started butoh dance with Yumi Fujitani and Gyohei Zaitsu. Since, he presented solo and played in choreographies.
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Biétrix Schenk

Since my early days as choreographer, Butoh dancer and acousmatic sound composer, I have believed that this specific work which stems from experiments in sound matter can be effectively linked with the complexity of the Buto in which the body is tirelessly explored and exposed on the stage. The Butoh dancer’s experience permit to join certain instability of time to his perception of the death in himself as a living existence. The sound materials help him to metamorphose his body and to open up his various realities to audiences, for example, those of a child, an old man, a bark, a mineral even a sprite. The languages of sound and body get damaged, fused and transmuted each other. My latest acousmatic work «Worlds» (25 min 50 sec) invites you a journey in the strange sound universe which is filled with the sounds of raindrops, purring, metallic noises, child monks'songs and the air of hesitation and chaotic vasteness, thus the «Worlds» assemble each work of sound. This work will mixed the choreography «Primitive Euchariste» from Emmanuel Borgo, buto dancer to «Worlds»: «My Solo is made of three parts: birth, life, death. It speaks about love and the sharing of wealth between me»
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Dante Tanzi

After majoring in Philosophy, Dante Tanzi went on to study composition, electroacoustic music and musical informatics. From 1985 to 2009 he worked at L.I.M., the Musical Informatics Laboratory of the University of Milan. In 2009 he attended the Futura Festival annual acousmatic interpretation course (Crest, Drôme). Since 2012 he has been performing works of the acousmatic repertory on the acusmonium SATOR (Centro Culturale San Fedele of Milan) and on the acusmonium mobile AUDIOR. Since 1988 his compositions have been performed in Italy and abroad: Rome (CIM 1988); Zurich (Euromicro - 1988); Moscow (Italia 2000 - 1988); Lugano (Computer Music Concert - 1991); Montreal (ÉuCuE - 2001); Crest (Festival Futura - editions 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015); Huddersfield (ICMC - 2011); Flix (Nit Electro Sonora - 2013); Milan (Festival 5 Giornate, 2014); Paris (Festival LICENCES - editions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2014), Belfast (Festival Sonorities, 2015), Lille (SIME, 2015); New York (NYCEMF 2015 and 2016). He published essays on CTheory, Leonardo Music Journal, Leonardo, Cogito, Crossings, De Musica, Organised Sound and Contemporary Music Review.
Michel Titin-Schnaider

Ingénieur en électronique, je m'intéresse très tôt aux musiques expérimentales et novatrices.Je compose dans mon home studio depuis 2005 une musique intuitive, influencée par la musique contemporaine et la musique progressive. J'ai produit 7 albums.Très vite ma musique rencontre la danse butô et depuis 2008 j'organise régulièrement des évènements associant danse, diffusion spatialisée et vidéo.En 2014 me vint l'idée de créer un festival sur ce thème de la rencontre entre danse butô et musique acousmatique...nous y sommes !
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Corinna Torregiani (Karakori ai)

Comédienne et traductrice, elle rencontre la danse Butô dans le cadre de sa recherche personnelle sur le langage et l'expression du corps à travers le maître Alessandro Pintus. Fascinée par cette forme de danse quasiment primitive qui permet une expression intime et sans intermédiation, elle en commence la pratique en 2011. Elle vie et travaille à Paris, où elle conçoit ses propres chorégraphies et collabore avec d'autres chorégraphes tels que Juju Alishina et Sakurako. Dans sa danse, qu'elle veut hypnotique, elle conjugue et relie l'authenticité d'une expression essentielle, à une esthétique empruntée à la plasticité statuaire de l'art figuratif développée au travers de sa pratique de peinture et son travail comme modèle vivant. Elle est engagée dans un parcours d'étude de Danse-thérapie auprès de l'Université Paris Descartes.
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Phil Von

Singer, composer & electronic musician as well as flamenco dancer, Phil Von is the leader of the electro-flamenco performance group Von Magnet. He has composed with Von Magnet 12 records (1986/2015), created & toured different live performances all around Europe. Under his own name he composed & performed with some major ballet companies in Germany and wrote various soundtracks for visual arts, contemporary dance and theatre plays as well as directed & scenographed different performances for companies in Portugal, Morocco & Turkey. He composed a piece for double string quartet for Art Zoyd & the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles and was commissioned by the GRM for the piece Groundscape which was co-written with Mimetic. He is also composing & performing for physical theatre, new circus and street theatre companies : Materia Prima, Do Theatre, Underclouds, Entre Terre et Ciel, U-Structure Nouvelle. He is currently collaborating in Paris with dancer/choreographer Sakurako & her company Re-United Now-Here. As a solo artist he produced 3 albums (Blind Ballet was released in 2015).
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Moeno Wakamatsu

Moeno Wakamatsu is a Japanese solo dance artist residing in South Normandy, France. Born in Tokyo Japan, 1975, she grew up in Japan and then in Canada, and USA. She began her dance studies at the Merce Cunningham School. In parallel, she pursued architectural studies at The Cooper Union School of Architecture. After the diploma she installed herself as an architect in New York City, while she continued to dance for other choreographers and companies. In early 2000's, she made dance her only profession. She immigrated to France in 2010. She continues to perform and teach in Europe and North America. She is also a Feldenkrais practitioner since15 years. An expression that is beyond physical movements, her dance work exists outside the arts of ideas or concepts, and aims for direct communication in intensified time and space.
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Christian Zanési

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