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The whole project En Chair et en Son (literally: "In Flesh and Sound") arose in 2015 from a desire
for experimentations to gather artistic energies and to trigger encounters in unexpected strange imaginary places.

After five incredible editions in the Art Digital Center Le Cube, 2020 was a fruitless year because of the pandemic.
On top of that, for 2021, we had to find a new place. We discovered the Aleph Theater in Ivry sur Seine,
at the fringe of Paris. The Aleph Theater has a long history which well deserves to be better known. Just look at this link !

The confluence between Dance and Acousmatic Music is absolute, bringing us into deep questioning
and wondering since the beginning of the Festival. So, it became obvious for us that we had to go on
with this venture in spite of the pitfalls.There was no question of throwing up our hands in face
of the present state of gloom, cold feet and uniformity.

This year, the richness and variety of the submissions from the composers and choreographers-dancers,
all around the world, comforted us in our determination. To choose amongst such interesting submissions
was as difficult as to pair the artists was exciting !

Our project is atypical which give it a kind of strength. But for this very reason, we are almost excluded
from the usual sources of financial support. Not to mention the pandemic which is drying here the helps
towards a lot of cultural events. The 2021 edition of the Festival is funded exclusively by the
Aventures Electro Acoustiques association and by the voluntary support of the MOTUS Company which we want to thank here.

Of course, if you feel the urge to become a generous benefactor, we won't discourage you... Even for a penny. We can use it!

The ECEES Team

Maite Soler: photo Fabrice Pairault